Biden Visits Ukraine: Showing Support and Solidarity Amidst War and Political Uncertainty

On Monday, an unexpected and unprecedented visit was made to Ukraine, a country that has been in a state of conflict due to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion almost a year ago. President Joe Biden’s visit was an act of support and solidarity for the democratic nation in its fight for survival.[0] The visit, which included a meeting with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, was kept tightly under wraps until Biden’s arrival.[0] The president was one of the last Western leaders to make the journey, which required a 10-hour train ride or a daring flight due to the security risks posed by the war zone.[1]

The Kremlin met Biden’s visit with official silence, as analysts and pundits suggested the US leader’s historic trip was an unwelcome twist ahead of a speech by Vladimir Putin and other state events set to mark the anniversary of the full-scale invasion.[2] During his visit, Biden and Zelenskyy walked the streets of Kyiv, past a religious mural at the St. Michaels Golden-Domed Cathedral and later met at the Ukrainian presidential palace.[3]

On Tuesday, President Biden will speak from Warsaw, Poland about the struggle and the necessity for the United States and its allies to stay devoted to assisting Ukraine.[4] Biden is expected to lay out his view of the war in Ukraine as a battle for democracy and to speak to the costs the war has inflicted on the rest of the world.[5] He will tout the need for both alliances and American leadership on the world stage, and will reiterate his commitment to the security of Ukraine and other Eastern European allies.[5]

The US notified Russia of Biden’s secret visit to Ukraine hours before his departure in an attempt to avoid sparking conflict.[6] Anxiety is rising in Europe as Joe Biden prepares to announce his plans to run for a second term in the White House, as a potential change in the presidency could mean a new policy towards Ukraine.[5] Congressional Republicans have suggested a more extensive evaluation of the U.S. aid, with some conservatives advocating for a decrease in the amount of aid.[7] Despite the slim majorities in Congress, both parties have been supportive of Ukraine during the past year, and this is unlikely to change.[7]

The “Ukrainian question” hangs out there, largely unanswered.[8] Discussions in Washington, Berlin and Kyiv center around which weapons to send and which additional sanctions to impose.[8]

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