Bitcoin Struggles to Gain Momentum, Trading Below $22K

The price of Bitcoin has risen less than 1% over the past 24 hours to near $21,700, still below the zone around $23,000 that had marked the largest digital asset’s trading range for weeks until a selloff last week.[0] Bitcoin is now at its lowest level since mid-January after paring gains from a rally that had seen prices jump 40% from the start of the year.[1]

Examining the 1-hour timeframe for Bitcoin, it is clear that the price is forming lower highs and is having difficulty pushing forward.[2] The price has been having difficulty surpassing the resistance of $21,900, which is evident at once.[2]

Analysts appear to have a long-term optimistic outlook on Bitcoin, yet the short-term is still unclear.[3]Although the cost of Bitcoin (BTC) decreased after an increase during the cryptocurrency market in January, the outlook on the cryptocurrency remains positive. The chart patterns are giving a signal to purchase, and some other indicators point to the fact that the original digital asset has left the bear market.[4]

At present, Bitcoin is trading at approximately $21,700 but is having trouble gaining traction in the shorter term.[2] For the last four days, it has been holding steady above the support level of $21,500, trying to rebound from this essential area.[2] In order for BTC to gain momentum, it must break past the primary resistance level of $22,400.[2] Let’s quickly examine the latest Bitcoin price prediction as of February 14th, 2023, to determine where the price is expected to go in the short term.[2]

At the moment, Bitcoin’s support is situated at $21,650 while the resistance is located at $21,800.[5] Conversely, Ethereum sank to its lowest level in a month.[6]The price has fluctuated between $1,400 and $1,500.[5] it has not yet acquired the strength to make a mid-term price recovery.[5]

It is expected that the US Federal Reserve will further decelerate their rate hikes, following the release of the core CPI expected to be at 5.5% for January, after printing 5.7% in December 2022.[7]

BTC reacted with a sudden price drop since the actual numbers for January were somewhat more than anticipated.[8]

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