Bulls and Bears Clash: What the Latest Market Indicator is Telling Us and How to Thrive in the Days Ahead

The battle between bulls and bears continues to rage in the stock market. As the bulls are still dominating the market, we should perform our trades accordingly.[0] However, there is still risk to the bullish view, as our primary short-term “sell” indicator has been triggered for the first time since early December.[0] This has previously provided excellent signals of corrections and rallies.[0]

If the market correction violates the multiple levels of support for the S&P 500, such will suggest the bear market remains intact and the rally from the October lows was another “head fake.”[1] As a contrarian investor, these excesses are built by everyone betting on the same side of the trade.[2]

The most crucial element is the final section.[3] When a recession is on the horizon, it is expected that the Federal Reserve will cut interest rates and politicians will act quickly by offering stimulus checks, rebates, and debt forgiveness.[4] Given the current state of a deeply divided Congress, the inflation experienced during the last venture, and no financial strain, it is unlikely that this view will come to fruition.[3]

However, if the market advance continues and the economy avoids recession, there is no need for the Fed to reduce rates.[3] This week, Steve Reitmeister shared a brand-new live presentation to investors at the MoneyShow’s Online Expo that reveals his updated latest market outlook and trading plan.[5] The reasons for that and the game plan to not just survive, but thrive in the days and weeks ahead await you in this timely investment presentation.[6]

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