Chinese Premier Li Qiang Calls for Cooperation with US, Urges Fair Competition for Private Enterprises

Chinese Premier Li Qiang has called for cooperation between China and the United States, emphasizing that deterrence and suppression will not benefit anyone.[0] He spoke at a press conference after the first session of the 14th National People’s Congress (NPC), Sputnik reported.

Li, appointed premier on Saturday, acknowledged that achieving China’s economic growth goal of 5 percent by 2023 would be a difficult undertaking and necessitate a redoubling of efforts.[1]

He highlighted the importance of exercising law-based government administration, stating that the government must act within the confines of the law, and all government conducts must be based on solid legal grounds.[2] He also urged all government officials to subject themselves to supervision and meet the requirements of being loyal, upright, and responsible.[2]

He further proclaimed that the new government would advocate for fair competition among different business entities and would be supportive of the growth and advancement of private businesses.[3] With the introduction of a new cabinet loyal to leader Xi Jinping, Li sought to fire up the private sector, a group that has been scarred by a years-long regulatory crackdown, by announcing a new starting point in creating a market-oriented, legalized and internationalized business environment.

Li also signaled that Beijing doesn’t want to decouple with the United States, saying that “opening up to the outside world is our basic national policy. No matter how the external situation changes, we will unswervingly move forward”.[3]

Analysts have expressed concerns that Xi’s preference for personal loyalty over technocratic competence signals a more ideology-driven policy direction that could further dent private sector growth and worsen Beijing’s ties with Washington.[4] Li’s comments, however, have sought to reassure the private sector and shore up investor confidence.

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