Credit Suisse Group AG Strengthens Liquidity Amid Banking Crisis

Credit Suisse Group AG saw its shares jump 32% in opening trading Thursday after the bank announced it would borrow up to 50 billion Swiss francs (£44bn) and launch an offer to buy back 3bn Swiss francs worth of its debt in order to strengthen its liquidity.[0] The Swiss National Bank also confirmed that it would provide liquidity to Credit Suisse “against sufficient collateral” if necessary.[1]

The turmoil in the banking sector that has caused volatility on Wall Street was triggered by the failure of Silicon Valley Bank, the second-largest US bank failure ever.[2] This was followed by the closure of Signature Bank by regulators and the wind down of Silvergate Bank, leading investors to brace for a full-blown crisis in the sector.[3]

Credit Suisse’s problems are different to those of Silicon Valley Bank, according to Neil Shearing, chief economist at Capital Economics.[4] He wrote in a note to clients that “they serve as a reminder that as interest rates rise, vulnerabilities are lurking in the financial system. Key areas to monitor are smaller European banks and shadow banks.

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