Federal Regulators Race to Sell First Republic Bank as Banking Crisis Continues

Federal regulators are in a race to seize and sell First Republic Bank by the end of the weekend to end the banking crisis that began last month with the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank.[0] First Republic Bank’s stock dropped by 75% last week after it revealed that customers had withdrawn over $100 billion in deposits during the banking sector turmoil last month.[1] Despite a $30 billion bailout from 11 of the largest banks in the country in March, concerns over First Republic’s financial stability remained among investors.[2] Regulators have asked several high-powered banks, including JPMorgan Chase & Co., PNC Financial Services Group Inc., US Bancorp and Bank of America Corp., to submit final bids for First Republic Bank by Sunday, with JPMorgan and PNC said to be interested.[3] In the absence of a mutual understanding, regulators may choose to confiscate First Republic and assume possession of the financial institution.[3] Due to its already having accumulated over 10% of nationwide deposits, JPMorgan, along with a handful of other large banks, is prohibited by US regulations from acquiring any additional deposit-taking institutions.[4] In order for the biggest bank in the country to expand further, the authorities would need to grant an exception.[5]

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