Lessons from the Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank

Silicon Valley Bank, often referred to as the “financial partner of the innovation economy”, was a major player in the tech sector and had been since its founding in 1983.[0] It was the go-to bank for many venture capital firms, funded nearly half of all US venture-backed startups, and served as a hub for the tech industry.[1] Unfortunately, the bank recently became the largest US bank to fail since the Great Recession and the second largest in US history after Washington Mutual in 2008.[2]

What caused the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB)?[3] Low interest rates, easy money, and plentiful loans had been driving the tech sector up for years and SVB had been riding the wave of success.[4] The bank had taken on too much risk, however, by taking in deposits mainly from the tech sector.[5] When the pandemic caused a tech industry downturn, SVB’s depositors began to withdraw their money in a panic, leading to a bank run.[2] The bank attempted to recoup some losses by selling assets, but ended up selling $21 billion at a $1.8 billion loss.[6] On Friday, March 8th, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) took control of SVB.[5]

The FDIC helped to insure all depositors, but the vast majority of SVB’s customers had deposits well in excess of the FDIC’s $250,000 cap, leaving many of them in a bind. SVB was uniquely flexible about lending tech startups money, offering venture debt and lines of credit to those who may have been unable to qualify for conventional bank financing.[7] This focus on tech startups, as well as offering services to VCs and founders who weren’t US citizens, made the bank vulnerable to risk when the tech sector took a downturn.

The collapse of SVB has sparked concerns about the banking sector as a whole and other lenders, especially smaller regional ones, have seen their stock values plummet in response.[8] Moving forward, investors may be more wary of banks that are too heavily concentrated in tech, or in any one sector. To stave off a catastrophic run at another bank, the Federal Reserve has made funds available to other institutions to help shore up their cash reserves.[9]

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank is a cautionary tale of the dangers of taking on too much risk.

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