Mango Labs Files Motion to Void Settlement with Crypto Trader Eisenberg

Mango Labs LLC has filed a motion in a New York District Court to void a settlement with crypto trader Eisenberg, alleging it was reached under duress and that Eisenberg was not engaged in lawful bargaining.[0] Eisenberg had drained around $117 million from the protocol in an October attack.

The attorneys for Eisenberg filed a motion objecting to the lawsuit from Mango which asks for $47 million in damages plus interest starting from the time of the attack. Eisenberg claims that he has already done his part and eligible Mango markets members received reimbursement from the Mango Markets treasury.[0]

The lawsuit from Mango Labs is seeking a federal court in Manhattan to order Eisenberg to pay back the rest of the money.[1] In addition, Eisenberg is facing criminal charges and he’s being sued by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission.[2]

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