Navigating a Bear Market: Strategies for Thriving in Difficult Market Conditions

A bear market is an economic phenomenon that occurs when the market, index, or total stock market falls by 20% from its most recent high.[0] These markets can be periodic or long-term, but typically last for only a year—shorter than the typical bull market, which lasts seven years. During a bear market, investors may be tempted to pile into stocks in hopes of earning quick gains, but there are better strategies to navigate through bear markets. Dollar-cost averaging is one such strategy, as it involves making steady contributions to a portfolio in difficult market environments.

The current economic environment is rife with warning signs of a potential recession, with business activity and consumer spending contracting. But recent data, including a stable labor market and decelerating inflation, suggest a soft landing may still be possible.[1] Limiting the severity of an economic downturn requires inflation pressures to be eased and a stable job market with only minimal additional tightening by the Federal Reserve.[2]

Markets may also be pleasantly surprised by a modest, rather than significant, earnings decline in 2023 supported by strong revenue, cost controls, and a healthy U.S. consumer.[1] Additionally, China’s reopening is more bullish than bearish, but geopolitical tensions remain a risk.[1] At present, investing in emerging market equities with a heavy focus on China is more of a short-term trade than a long-term investment.[1]

In order to make the most of a bear market, investors should look to strategies like dollar-cost averaging.[3] This means investing the same dollar amount systematically over a period of time, which helps protect investors from market fluctuations and sudden plunges.[4] By being disciplined and making regular investments, investors can overcome fear in difficult market environments and come out strong.[4]

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