Navigating Volatility: Fed Chair Powell, Lithium Mining & IBD’s 2023 Best Online Brokers Survey

It has been a tumultuous week for the stock markets, with the Federal Reserve raising its benchmark interest rate by a quarter percentage point and giving little indication it is nearing the end of this hiking cycle. Investors have responded positively to Fed Chairman Jerome Powell’s statements about disinflation and a soft landing, with the S&P 500 reaching a five-month high. This Tuesday, Powell will have a chance to sound more hawkish as he speaks at the Economic Club of Washington.[0]

At the same time, IBD has released its 2023 Best Online Brokers Survey. How did your online broker do? The survey offers a comprehensive look at the industry and provides an in-depth analysis on the performance of each broker. IBD Digital is also offering its premium stock lists, tools and analysis to give investors an edge in the stock market.[0]

It is also a pivotal time for lithium mining stocks, as the industry faces a possible cartel on the horizon. Lithium is expected to be one of the most important minerals of the next decade, and the bull case for lithium stocks in 2023 is clear.

Overall, the stock market remains volatile and unpredictable. As investors wait to hear more from Powell, they should also pay attention to the developments in the lithium mining industry and take advantage of IBD’s premium stock lists, tools and analysis.

0. “Stock Market Investing Action Plan: Nasdaq’s Best January in 22 Years” Investor’s Business Daily, 3 Feb. 2023,