NYSE Experiences Brief Trading Halt Due to Manual Error

On Tuesday, January 24th, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) experienced a technical issue that led to a brief trading halt for dozens of major companies just after the market opened.[0] The exchange determined that 4,341 trades in 251 ticker symbols should be “busted.”[0] Most of the trade breaks were processed on January 24th and the rest were expected to be processed the following day.[1]

At 9:50 a.m.[2] ET, the NYSE reported that all affected companies had resumed trading, with all systems back and operational.[2] A statement from the exchange revealed that the root cause of the glitch was a manual error involving the Exchange’s Disaster Recovery configuration.[3]

The NYSE then issued a follow-up statement that said that a Sell Short Restriction (SSR) had been erroneously triggered in a subset of NYSE listed symbols.[4] This SSR was deactivated for Wednesday’s trading.[5]

The companies affected included big names like Altria, Mastercard, McDonalds, Uber, Wells Fargo, Verizon, Rio Tino, Shell, AT&T, Lilly, Mosaic, Wells Fargo, Nike, Nucor, Transocean, Prudential, 3M, Newmont Mining, Southern, Union Pacific, Sony, United Parcel Service, Altria, Valero Energy, Occidental Petroleum, Royal Dutch Shell, MetLife, Visa, Walmart, and Exxon Mobil.[6]

The wild price swings and halts were triggered due to a limit up/limit down (LULD) bands being published immediately after the stocks opened that determined at what price a stock would be halted due to volatility.[7] If a stock traded above or below the bands, it would be halted.

The NYSE then noted that any trades in NYSE-listed symbols that did not conduct an opening auction and both occurred before 9:30:00 AM but before the receipt of LULD bands 9 (generally less than a second later) and executed at a price exceeding percentage parameters from the reference price (as defined in NYSE rules), will be declared “null and void.”[8]

NYSE Chief Operating Officer Michael Blaugrund said in a statement, “Such events are extremely rare, and we are thoroughly examining the day’s activity to assure the highest level of resilience in our systems.[9] We ended the day with a normal market close and expect a regular open on Wednesday.[10]

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