“Silicon Valley Bank Collapses After Bank Run, Biden Administration Intervenes”

Silicon Valley Bank, an iconic 40-year-old institution based in Santa Clara, California, that catered to nearly half of all U.S. tech startups backed by venture capital, collapsed on Friday after a bank run forced the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to take control of the institution.[0] It is the largest US bank to fail since the 2008 financial crisis.[1]

At the end of December 2021, Silicon Valley Bank held around $209 billion in total assets and was one of the 20 largest commercial banks in the US.[2] According to its website, the bank serviced 65 percent of “all existing start-ups and many of the most prominent venture capital firms.”[3]

SVB was particularly flexible about lending tech startups money even though they didn’t have free cash flow or much in the way of assets.[4] As a result, it had become an integral part of the financial infrastructure of the tech industry, especially startups.[1]

In order to make good on withdrawals, SVB had to sell part of its bond holdings at a steep loss of $1.8 billion, the bank said last week.[3] The announcement scared the bank’s customers, who became concerned about SVB’s stability, and consequently withdrew more money from the bank, an example of a bank run.[5]

The Biden administration took an unprecedented step, ensuring that all customers of the defunct Silicon Valley Bank would be able to access all of their funds.[6] The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) usually provides up to $250,000 in coverage per account holder, per bank. However, a whopping 85% of funds held by SVB were not protected by the FDIC, meaning billions of dollars must now be paid for by the federal government.[7]

On Monday, the stock prices of other banks considered to possess similar risks to SVB significantly decreased, with First Republic Bank falling by more than 60% and Western Alliance Bancorp dropping nearly 50%.[5] Investors were afraid that other lenders, particularly those of a smaller or regional size, would experience a similar rise in withdrawals, resulting in difficulty to satisfy the redemptions.[5]

The narrative of the Silicon Valley Bank incident is simple and clear.[3] During the pandemic, startups and tech firms experienced significant gains, some of which were deposited at the Silicon Valley Bank.[8] The bank, flush with their cash, followed the standard protocol for banks and kept a portion of the money on reserve, while investing the rest into long-term Treasury bonds that offered good returns during times of low interest rates.[8]

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