The Collapse of Silicon Valley Bank: A Warning to Banks Everywhere

Silicon Valley Bank, the tech industry’s go-to lender, collapsed Friday after its warning of a cash crunch spooked investors and prompted a run on the bank.[0] The California Department of Financial Protection and Innovation shuttered the bank and appointed the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) as a receiver.[1]

The cause of SVB’s downfall can be traced to disruption brought about by increased interest rates.[2] With the unfavourable climate for IPOs and private fundraising causing startup clients to withdraw their deposits to keep their companies afloat, SVB experienced a lack of capital.[2] The bank reported late Wednesday that it had been compelled to sell its accessible bonds at a $1.8 billion deficit.[2]

Depositors at smaller banks, such as SVB, are only formally insured up to $250,000. Over that amount, as the FDIC announced on Friday when it shuttered SVB, depositors are treated like ordinary creditors.[3] It is suggested that when a bank such as SVB collapses, major depositors may only obtain a fraction of their money after all other debtors have been paid.[3]

The collapse is a harsh reminder of the risk posed by banking on one industry. SVB’s business model was heavily concentrated in venture capital and private equity, and when that sector took a hit, so did the bank.[4] This also calls into question the practice of venture capitalists requiring portfolio companies to bank with SVB and offering them attractive terms on mortgages and wealth management services.[5]

The FDIC has taken control of SVB and customers will have access to their insured deposits on Monday.[6] The agency’s insurance only covers deposits up to $250,000, though, and many startups kept far more than that with the bank.

The SVB collapse is a warning to all banks, but especially smaller ones that have concentrated on a single industry. It is a reminder that even the most successful institutions can face catastrophic losses if they don’t diversify their portfolios and manage their risk.

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