The Death of Crypto in the US: How Regulatory Uncertainty is Killing Innovation

Major venture capitalist Chamath Palihapitiya recently stated during an appearance on the All-In podcast that crypto is now dead in the U.S.[0] This is a significant shift in his views, as he had previously predicted that Bitcoin would climb to $200,000 and had called it the new gold.[1] Palihapitiya believes that the recent regulatory developments in the U.S. have contributed to the downfall of the crypto industry.[2] He stated that crypto companies were the ones that pushed the boundaries more than any other sector of the startup economy and were probably the most threatening to the establishment. They are currently facing the consequences of their actions.[3] The bill has come due for them,”So yeah, now they’re paying the price for that.[3] The bill has come due for them,”Operation Choke Point 2.0,”Operation Choke Point 2.0,”continued regulatory uncertainty.”continued regulatory uncertainty.”brute force”brute force

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