US Housing Market Faces Potential 19.5% Correction as Rates Rise

The US housing market is facing a potential 19.5% correction, according to Dallas Federal Reserve economists.[0] The economists warn that further rate hikes from the Federal Reserve could make a crash even worse, as the housing market remains vulnerable to global economic spillover effects.

The US housing market experienced a “pandemic boom” in 2020, leading to a rapid deterioration in affordability. Goldman Sachs projects that home prices will fall 6.1% in 2023 as rates continue to tick higher.[1] This is in comparison to the 26% peak-to-trough home price crash seen between 2007 and 2012.[2]

According to economists from the Dallas Federal Reserve, home prices in the United States would need to decrease by 19.5% in order to bring the country in line with its housing fundamentals.[2] This could be triggered by tighter-than-expected monetary policy.

The Fed’s actions continue to affect the housing market, with mortgage rates going from 3.78% in 2017 to 4.94% in 2018.[3] The panel expects mortgage rates to trend downward after the first quarter, with 63% predicting that rates for 30-year fixed loans will be highest in Q1 of 2023.[4]

Goldman Sachs analysts anticipate major decreases in house prices in four US cities by the end of 2021, which experienced housing booms during the COVID-19 pandemic.[5] Austin, Seattle, Phoenix and San Francisco will all experience double-digit price declines as an increase of available homes surpasses demand.[6]

Dallas Fed economists argue that if the observed price-to-rent ratio grows at an explosive rate relative to its fundamental-based ratio estimated with long-term interest rate and rent growth data, then it’s worth considering whether the sector is in a bubble.[7]

Homeowners who secured lower mortgage rates during the recent Pandemic Housing Boom (or previous years, due to the long-term low rates) are preferring to remain in their homes, rather than selling and having to acquire a loan with rates nearing the 7.37% peak. Most of these homeowners have rates of 3% or less.[5] This, combined with the Fed’s actions, is making it difficult for potential buyers to take action, particularly for repeat buyers with existing mortgages with rates less than half of current rates.[8]

In conclusion, the US housing market is facing a potential 19.5% correction and further rate hikes from the central bank could make a crash even worse.

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