US Stocks: Beware of the “Death Zone” in 2023

Investors have been warned that US stocks could experience a significant selloff in the first half of 2023, with the S&P 500 potentially falling as much as 26%. Morgan Stanley strategists led by Michael Wilson are predicting a bear market bottom this spring, and a recovery in the second half of the year, but with the S&P 500 only ending the year with negligible gains – 3,900 points, versus a December 2022 close of 3,839.

The sharp rally this year has left US equities the most expensive since 2007 by the measure of equity risk premium, which has entered a level known as the “death zone”, according to Wilson.[0] With the possibility of a Federal Reserve pivot now off the table, Wilson sees a bear case of the S&P 500 falling to 3,500, which is around the same level the stock market bottomed at in October and represents 15% downside from current levels.[1]

JPMorgan Chase & Co. strategist Marko Kolanovic also said he is “turning more defensive”, recommending that investors fade this year’s stock rally as “a recession is currently not priced into equity markets”.[2] Kolanovic noted that equities have reached near last summer’s highs and at above-average multiples, despite weakening earnings and the recent sharp move higher in interest rates.[2]

The strategists noted that the price is far removed from reality during the current bear market.[3] Wilson warned that investors may be in the so-called “death zone”, where “one starts to see and believe in things that don’t exist”. He likened it to high-altitude mountaineering, where many fatalities occur due to “wrong decisions made under stress or physical weakening that lead to accidents”.[4]

Ultimately, Wilson warned that “the bear market rally that began in October from reasonable prices and low expectations has morphed into a speculative frenzy based on a Fed pause/pivot that isn’t coming”.[5] He cautioned that investors may be ignoring the risks and following stock prices to dizzying heights, but that “the oxygen eventually runs out and those who ignore the risks get hurt”.

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