Major Stock Market Crash Looming: What Investors Should Know

The US stock market could be facing a major crash in the near future, according to legendary investor Jeremy Grantham’s 2023 outlook letter. His calculations of the S&P 500’s trendline value, adjusted for growth and inflation, is about 3200 by the end of 2023, which could mark a 20% decline for the year and 40% from the market’s last peak in January of 2022.[0] He estimated the odds of the market reaching these levels to be 3 to 1.[1] In the worst-case scenario, the market could overcorrect more than expected and stocks could sink by up to 50% from their previous peak.[1]

Adding to this, a Finnish economist from the University of Vaasa is warning of an “armageddon” financial crisis in the next few decades that could bring on an epic stock market collapse.[2] This could be even more severe than Grantham’s prediction and could potentially lead to a full-on crash by 2050.

Investors should be aware of the potential for a significant decline in the near future and should time their investments accordingly. However, if the market does decline, it will still be a far smaller percent deviation from trendline value than the overpricing we had at the end of 2021 of over 70%.[0] Therefore, it may not be wise to think that a 50% decline is absolutely impossible.

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