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Mystery Uber Eats Deliveries Haunt LA Neighborhood Residents


Residents of a Los Angeles neighborhood have been perplexed by the sudden influx of Uber Eats deliveries arriving at all hours of the day, without anyone having placed an order.[0] The deliveries started about three weeks ago on the 4900 block of Range View Avenue and have mostly been meals from McDonalds, Taco Bell and Starbucks.[1]

In response to the mysterious situation, Uber Eats has launched an investigation into the source of the unwanted orders and have taken action against several accounts.[0] An Uber spokesperson said they will also monitor orders sent to the Range View Avenue area.

One resident, when asked if he likes the sandwiches, replied, “I don’t know how I feel about them now. They haunt my dreams.”[1] The residents have tried calling the phone numbers attached to the orders, but the numbers were disconnected.[1]

Despite the unwanted surprise deliveries, the residents are happy that each of the orders included tips for the delivery people.[1] It is still unclear who is responsible for the mystery orders, but the investigation is ongoing.

0. “Los Angeles neighborhood getting unwanted food deliveries” FOX 11 Los Angeles, 16 Mar. 2023, https://www.foxla.com/news/los-angeles-neighborhood-uber-eats-food-deliveries-mcdonalds-starbucks

1. “California Uber Eats mystery: Residents in Los Angeles sent dozens of free deliveries from fast food chains” KTRK-TV, 17 Mar. 2023, https://abc13.com/uber-eats-los-angeles-california-free-food-deliveries/12967587/

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