Navigating the Economy: How the Federal Reserve is Fighting Inflation and Avoiding Recession

The Federal Reserve’s attempts to combat inflation and keep it within its target of 2%–3% has led to seven successive rate increases in the past year.[0] While effective, these hikes have prompted fears amongst economists of a potential recession, as the Fed risks pushing the economy too far, leading to job losses.

Retail sales rose 3% in January, according to the Commerce Department, and the unemployment rate is at its lowest since May 1969.[1] Yet the decline in the Philly Fed index and the poor momentum in the US housing market have sparked recession fears amongst investors.[2] The higher-than-expected Producers Price Index, Wednesday’s retail sales, and the fall in today’s initial jobless claims suggest that the fight against high inflation is still ongoing.[2]

The 10-Year US Treasury yields are climbing, putting further pressure on longer-duration assets, while oil prices are trading lower due to Fed hike fears.[2] Gold investors are hanging on to those recession signals, but with rate signals blowing in the wind, it seems the appetite to add to current positions is small.[3]

In an ideal scenario, inflation keeps trending downward without increasing unemployment.[4] Prices stabilize and we avoid a recession.[4] Lower inflation expectations can reverse the dynamic and help cool inflation.[5]

It is clear that the Federal Reserve must act cautiously to ensure the economy does not slip into recession. The Fed must continue to raise rates, but at a steady rate, to ensure inflation is kept within target.[0] We must watch the situation closely to ensure the Fed does not push the economy too far.

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