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Warren Buffett’s Annual Letter to Shareholders: Reflections on Value Investing, Tax Contributions, and More


Billionaire investor Warren Buffett has long been revered for his value investing style, and many investors strive to emulate his success.[0] On Saturday, Buffett released his famous annual letter to shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A, BRK-B), taking on some of his favorite topics in share buybacks, taxes, corporate accounting, and his long-term optimism about the U.S. economy.

Buffett struck a proud, reflective tone in his letter, mapping out plans for his Berkshire shares after he’s gone, and highlighting long-time investment managers Todd Combs and Ted Wechsler role in making equity investments. He extolled the advantages of acquiring stakes in well-run companies and urged shareholders to not focus on book value per share.[1]

Buffett pointed out that Berkshire’s investments in Coca-Cola and American Express, which were made almost 30 years ago, would yield over $1 billion in dividends in 2022.[2] Upon finishing construction of those positions in 1994 and 1995, the yearly dividends paid were only $75 million and $41 million, respectively.[3] In 2021, there were 128 companies in the S&P 500 that earned more than $3 billion in profits — and Berkshire was the largest shareholder in 8 of these businesses: American Express (AXP), Bank of America (BAC), Chevron (CVX), Coca-Cola (KO), HP Inc. (HPQ), Moody’s (MCO), Occidental Petroleum (OXY), and Paramount Global (PARA).[4]

In the letter, Buffett reminded readers that Berkshire had paid $32 billion in corporate taxes over the last 10 years, which was equal to 0.1% of the total federal taxes collected during that period, to show that the company was doing its share.[5] He said that “At Berkshire we hope and expect to pay much more in taxes during the next decade. We owe the country no less: America’s dynamism has made a huge contribution to whatever success Berkshire has achieved — a contribution Berkshire will always need.”[3]

Berkshire posted a loss of $22.82 billion for 2022 and a 54% decline in fourth-quarter income.[6] Operating earnings, which is Buffett’s preferred figure to measure the company’s growth as it is adjusted to remove net capital gains or losses during the year, was $30.79 billion, 12.2% above 2021’s figure.[5]

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